Deveron UAS is a one stop full-service UAS company that uses data produced by imagery and software analytics to help farmers increase yield and reduce costs.


Our Mission

Our goal is to make imagery easy.

We provide the world's most sophisticated UAVs, analytic software, data and sensor products to help you make data driven decisions on your farm.  We know that every field is different and we are there to help you measure that variability.

We see value in creating a database of high resolution imagery of our fields and this was one of the reason we signed up for an initial 3 year service period
— Joe H, Ontario Farmer and Seed Grower

How We can help

  • Field Scouting
  • Tile Drainage Identification
  • Elevation Mapping
  • NDVI Imaging
  • Multispectral Imaging
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Plant Stress Metrics
  • Data Analysis
  • Prescription Management