Precision Agriculture Professionals and Drones in 2017

The potential for drones and their services in agriculture presents a truly exciting opportunity for both companies like Deveron and farmers alike. Whether it be their speed, accuracy, or efficiency, many experts (and us!) peg them as the next big thing in the industry. However as with any innovative technology, drones face their own set of hurdles to overcome before widespread adoption; hurdles which we at Deveron are actively pursuing and finding creative solutions for.

Below you can find a great report done by Jeremiah Karpowicz of the Commercial UAV News summarizing the exciting progress of drones in the agricultural space, along with some of the obstacles still faced by the industry. Our own Norm Lamothe speaks to how Deveron is addressing these obstacles and working with customers to find and deliver value.

How are Precision Agriculture Professionals Using Drones in 2017?