Understanding UAS Technology

Many of us have heard the word "drone" over the past couple of years.  These are exciting times for the UAV ("UAS," or "drones") enthusiast but also for businesses that are involved in aerial imagery collection, processing and for people making decisions from these images.  UAVs are now allowing people to collect data on demand and at a cost that is no longer prohibitively expensive.

UAV technology has the potential to transform the way multiple sectors collect and process data.  From agriculture and forestry to construction and surveying, drones are allowing businesses to quickly view aerial imagery and make decisions from this imagery like never before.

For the reader looking to learn more about the potential commercial enterprise applications of UAVs, please have a read of some of the following links related to UAVs and companies revolutionizing the industry:

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Leading San Francisco based UAS software provider https://www.dronedeploy.com/