Overview of a typical use case for implementing a UAV imagery solution on your farm


Step 1: Plan Required flight


We can handle any requirements from a single flight to look for in-season variability in your field to systematic crop monitoring on a regular basis.  Deveron is here to be your consultant and recommend practices to help you achieve your yield and cost goals.  Our flight scheduling is built directly around your specific needs irrespective of date, weather or the other million things you have to do during the day that would prevent a flight being done when it NEEDS to be done.  We have the best drones for agriculture on the market, experienced pilots, manage all of your logistics and work with Transport Canada, ensuring safe and legal operations.



Step 2: Assessment

We will consult and provide assessment for the best application of imagery on your farm.  We facilitate the analysis of data to improve yields and reduce costs with leading software tools in the industry (if you purchased your own drone, chances are you are stuck with whatever was bundled to your hardware).  We provide access to different sensors and drones which are constantly changing as technology progresses.  Let us keep up with all that change while you focus on your farm.



Step 3: UAV collects imagery

Imagery is a powerful tool for growers to make better decisions, when it is collected properly.  Remove the risk of flight failure, poor data and imagery collection, and save your time.  Leave it to the experts to fly your field when you want it done.

Step 4: Unlock Insights

A basic NDVI image is just the starting point.  Even getting a fully stitched image can be incredibly challenging and time consuming.  We work with some of the best software companies in the world to deliver you images that aren't just another colorful map.  We also have the ability to provide you insight and recommendations given what we are seeing in an image and over time.  Deveron can help you see value in your images so that they don't end up on the barn floor like all those years of yield data from the combine.

step 5: increase yields & Reduce costs

Let's face it, the only reason to use a drone is to make a decision for your field that contributes to your bottom line.  As a one stop full service UAV agriculture imagery company, we understand how to help.  All we know is agriculture and aviation.  Let us bring this knowledge to help your field maximize yields and reduce costs.  Let Deveron help you take your agronomy to new heights.